Motor cars in my life

These are cars that I know, and in most cases have owned or at least driven, so the selection is autobiographical; and what I think of as “modern” is not strictly chronological and might not fit other’s concepts of what is modern.  It would not be fair to say what I think of as “grey porridge”: it is usually obvious but cannot be defined.




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group A : pre-war












Alvis 10/40




Bugatti 57




Alvis 12/50




Citroën Light 15 (11CV)




Alvis 12/50 special








Austin 20 limousine




Humber Super Snipe (wartime)




Austin 7




Jeep (wartime)




Bentley 3½ litres




Morris Minor 2-seater (1)




Bentley 4 litres




Morris Minor 2-seater (2)




Bentley 8 litres




Renault Juvaquatre (pre & post)




BMW 327




Rolls Royce Phantom III











group B : post-war early












Alfa Romeo Guiletta Berlina




Jowett Bradford Van




Austin A40 (Farina)




Jowett Javelin




Austin Mini




Lanchester LD 10




Bentley Mk VI




Mercedes-Benz 170




BMW (Baroque Angel)




Morgan Plus Four








Morris Minors




Citroën 2CV




Ogle SX1000




Citroën DS




Renault 4




Daimler Conquest Century




Renault 6




Daimler Conquest New Drophead Coupe




Renault 8 (or 10)




Daimler Dauphin




Riley Pathfinder




Daimler Empress




Standard 8




Daimler DN250




Sunbeam Alpine (Talbot 90)




Fiat Nuova 500




Vauxhall Wyvern




Ford Consul Capri




Volkswagen 411 Estate




Ford Consul Mark 2




Volkswagen Type 11 (Beetle)




Humber Hawk




Volvo Amazon




Jaguar Mks VII to IX




Wolseley 1500








group C : post-war later












Audi 100 Avant




Matra 530




Austin 1100




Opel Manta




Austin 1800 (Landcrab)




Peugeot 203




Austin Allegro 1500




Porsche 911




Austin Cambridge (Farina)




Range Rover




Austin Healey Sprite




Range Rover CSK




Austin Maestro




Reliant Scimitar GT & GTE




BMW 7 Series




Rover 3.5 Litre Coupé (P5B)




Citroën Visa




Rover 3-Litre (P5)




Daimler (Jag) DS 420 Limousine




Saabs 93 to 96




Ford Lotus Cortina Mk 1








Honda Z600




Triumph 1300




Humber Sceptre




Triumph 2.5




Jaguar E Type




Triumph Herald




Jaguar 2.4 & 3.4




Triumph Vitesse




Jaguar Mk 2








Jeep - Chrysler Cherokee Chief




Vauxhall Cavalier




Lada 1200




Vauxhall Chevette




Land Rover 110




Volkswagen Caravelle












group D : moderns












BMW 1 Series




Rover 800 Coupé




BMW 3 Series




Seat Leon




Ford Fiesta




Toyota Avensis




Ford Transit Van




Volkswagen Bora




Kia Picanta




Volkswagen Golfs




Land Rover 90 Pickup




Volkswagen Passat Estate




Lotus Elise




Volkswagen Polo (early)




Rolls Royce Phantom




Volkswagen Polo (newer)




Rover 25




Volkswagen Scirocco




Rover 75




Volkswagen (Skoda) Pickup












group E : miscellaneous












grey porridge cars




motorists and bicyclists




driving test









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