the Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer, retold in snippets of 101 words


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01/62    introduction

22/62    the Friar’s prologue

43/62    the Prioress’s prologue

02/62    the man

23/62    the Friar's tale

44/62    the Prioress's tale

03/62    his writings

24/62    the Summoner’s prologue

45/62    the Prioress-Sir Thopas link

04/62    the book

25/62    the Summoner's tale

46/62    Chaucer's rhyming tale of Sir Thopas

05/62    the language

26/62    the Clerk’s prologue

47/62    the Host's interruption of Chaucer

06/62    the occupations

27/62    the Clerk's tale

48/62    the tale of Melibee

07/62    general prologue

28/62    the Clerk’s envoy de Chaucer

49/62    the Monk’s prologue

08/62    the Knight's tale

29/62    the Merchant’s prologue

50/62    the Monk's tale

09/62    the Miller’s prologue

30/62    the Merchant's tale

51/62    the Nun's Priest’s prologue

10/62    the Miller's tale

31/62    the Merchant’s epilogue

52/62    the Nun's Priest's tale

11/62    the Reeve’s prologue

32/62    the Squire’s prologue

53/62    the Nun's Priest’s epilogue

12/62    the Reeve's tale

33/62    the Squire's tale

54/62    the Second Nun’s prologue

13/62    the Cook’s prologue

34/62    the Squire-Franklin link

55/62    the Second Nun's tale

14/62    the Cook's tale

35/62    the Franklin’s prologue

56/62    the Canon's Yeoman's prologue

15/62    introduction to the Man of Law's prologue

36/62    Franklin's tale

57/62    the Canon's Yeoman's tale

16/62    the Man of Law’s prologue

37/62    the Physician's tale

58/62    the Manciple’s prologue

17/62    the Man of Law's tale

38/62    the Physician-Pardoner link

59/63    the Manciple’s tale

18/62    the Man of Law’s epilogue

39/62    the Pardoner’s prologue

60/62    the Parson’s prologue

19/62    the Wife of Bath’s prologue

40/62    the Pardoner's tale

61/62    the Parson's tale

20/62    words between the Summoner and the Friar

41/62    the Shipman's tale

62/62    Chaucer's retraction

21/62    the Wife of Bath's tale

42/62    the Shipman-Prioress link



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