dates of

The King and Queens of England since the Norman Conquest and later
of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms

told in snippets of 101 words

and the dates of important events from the Roman invasion of
Britain to date

compiled by

Roderick Ramage

published by Etica Press

ISBN 13: 978-1-905633-26-5, A5, 32 pages, wire bound

for schools and everyone interested in history

single copy £4.50 including P&P, reductions for bulk orders








This potted history of England from the Roman Britannicus to the UK of today is told by the lives of our rulers from 1066 in 101-word snippets, with a table of the dates of every reign.  The table is not intrinsically important but provides chronological “hat pegs”, onto which to hang the facts or legends of history.  A newly learnt or dimly remembered fact might be interesting, but its significance is enhanced when it is seen in its context.  The last half of the book is a selection of “hats”, facts and their dates from the Roman to the present times.





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